DatePicker iOS plugin updated to work with Cordova / PhoneGap 3.0

Posted on July 26, 2013

For the PhoneGap app "HOAY" I'm working on I do need a DatePicker iOS plugin, which is running with latest version of PhoneGap 3.0. Fortunately there is already a DatePicker plugin at PhoneGap's plugin repository, but it does not work with the new plugin architecture of PhoneGap 3.0. So I decided to port to re-write it to support PhoneGap 3.0.

Source code

All source of the migration is published to GitHub, including a pull request to PhoneGap's plugin repository.

Screen shots (updated)


screen shot iphone


screen shot ipad


To migrate the plugin to PhoneGap 3.0 I have done following changes:

1) New plugin directory structure (recommended by Cordova plugman)

2) Providing a manifest file plugin.xml (needed for using command-line interface)

3) Calling function exec with the new method signature on JavaScript side (needed by Cordova / PhoneGap 3)

exec(<successFunction>, <failFunction>, <service>, <action>, [<args>]);

4) Updating on Objective-C side the action method show with the new method signature (needed by Cordova / PhoneGap 3)

- (void)show:(CDVInvokedUrlCommand*)command;

5) Adding AMD support to DatePicker.JS (needed by Cordova / PhoneGap 3)

6) Removing all counting / releasing of objects (needed for using Xcode 4.2 with its feature called "Automatic Reference Counting")

7) To get a detailed overview of all changes just check out this diff stats at Github

8) New features: Maximum and minimum date

9) New features: Adding done and cancel buttons incl. customized labels

10) New feature: iPad support


Any feedback?

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