Jekyll Plugin: SWFObject Tag

Posted on January 10, 2013

To migrate all my previous posts from Wordpress to Jekyll I needed an alternative for Kimili Flash Embed, which is a Wordpress plugin to embed Flash files using SWFObject.

Because I could not found anything I have built a Jekyll plugin called "SWFObject Tag"


The plugin is easy to use:

1) Grab the plugin file [swfobject_tag.rb]( from Github

2) Copy swfobject_tag.rb into <your-jekyll-project>/_plugins folder.

3) Link SWFObject in your layout template or page within <head> or before {% swfobject %}:

<script src="//"></script>

4) Use the swfobject tag within your template like this:

{% swfobject path/to/any.swf %}
  <p>To see this content latest <a href=''>Flash Player Plugin</a> is required.</p>
{% endswfobject %}

There are a lot of optional parameters available. For detailed information check out the wiki at Github, please.

Source code

All source of SWFObject Tag are available at GitHub.

Have fun!


Any feedback?

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