Swiz: Cafe Townsend example (incl. FlexUnit tests)

Posted on April 25, 2010

Cafe Townsend is a well known application to demonstrate any MVC framework for using Flex or ActionScript. There are already ports of Cairngorm, Mate, PureMVC, Spring ActionScript, RobotLegs and now Swiz.

In cooperation with "my partner in crime" Sönke Rohde we have built a Swiz port including unit tests. Check out the following example and its source.

Live Example

(To view source code just a right mouse click on it)

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Source code

You will find the full source of Swiz' Cafe Townsend example at GitHub.


Example and its full source has been updated using latest commit of Swiz 1.0 RC2.


Thanks again to Sönke for his great cooperation including all helpful tips! Also big thanks to Swiz team for development such a simple to use framework - keep on rocking ;)


Any feedback?

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