Mate: Cafe Townsend example updated for using Flex 4

Posted on March 12, 2010

For an upcoming Flex 4 training I do need a good example for using Mate framework. At the moment you will find a lot of examples on Mate's official website or at the project called "mate-examples" at Google Code. But it seems that there is not any Flex 4 example available.

Anyway, I just ported the current Cafe Townsend example (Flex 3) created by Laura Arguello to Flex 4.

It was not a big deal, because Mate supports already Flex 4. Only few changes was necessary for using new Spark components.

Also I did some little modifications in [MainEventMap.mxml]( to start all Inject properties for any views as soon as possible listening to FlexEvent.PREINITIALIZE. Furthermore all presentation models now are not created before its view will be added. But that is what we called "cosmetic" ;) , because Laura has already done an awesome job building the Flex 3 example of Cafe Townsend!

Live example

(To view source code just a right mouse click on the app)

To see this content latest Flash Player Plugin is required.


For a better use case of Flex 4 I have refactored the original code of the app. Now it based on a new layout and uses some effects. Last but not least the code implement a LocalEventMap to encapsulate the handling of employes, which is important if you want to use a modular app with Flex-Modules

Source code available

You will find the full source of Mate's Cafe Townsend Flex 4 example at the project called 'mate-examples' on Google Code.

Have fun!


Any feedback?

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