Swiz example based on Adobe AIR and SQLite

Posted on January 7, 2009

About two months ago Sönke Rohde, a good friend of me and a very active contributor of the Swiz framework, told me about his experiences using Swiz and he recommended highly Swiz as a framework which seems brutally simple to use. For all the people out there who are not familiar with Swiz: Swiz is an IoC framework created by Chris Scott to simplify the development of Flex based RIAs.

After diving into Objective-C for the last two weeks I have now the time to dive into Swiz. So I ported my latest published example using Mate into Swiz.

The following example is a tiny AIR based application for storing user names into a SQLite database. It includes Eric Feminellas awesome AIR SQL Framework and a way to use the Presentation Model pattern within an AIR application as well.

Screen shot

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Check out the source code: View source code

Download full source

Full source of the example: SwizAIRSQLiteExample.zip


Any feedback?

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