WSPluginSwitcher: Cocoa based tool for switching Flash plug-in on OS X

Posted on January 2, 2009

It's never to late to learn a new (programming) language ;) So I've been starting to learn Cocoa, Apple's Objective-C based programming environment for Mac OS X.

My "Cocoa"-trip started with building a little application called "WSPluginSwitcher", which is a Cocoa based tool for switching Flash plug-ins on OS X (Leopard).

Check it out - it's open source, including its source code: WSPluginSwitcher on Google Code

Screen shots

Download WSPluginSwitcher including full source

You can download WSPluginSwitcher at its Google Code project.

To get the full source checkout the latest code using WSPluginSwitchers repository at Google Code.

It's open source!

BTW: I'm very new to Cocoa, so I'm very happy about any feedback ;)

Helpful links for learning Cocoa as an ActionScript Developer

About 10 days of programming a new language is not enough to make a real statement... However, what I've have learned so far is: To learn Cocoa as quick as possible you will need a good book! Apple delivers tons of Cocoa guides, but it takes me (too) much time to find basic solutions. I know why I love Adobes Flex and AIR docs ;)

So I highly recommend the book called "Cocoa Programming for Max OS X" by Aaron Hillegass, which helps me a lot!

Further helpful links (not only for ActionScript Developers) are:

P.S.: Happy Flash plug-in switching using WSPluginSwitcher! ;)

Any feedback?

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