ThunderBolt AS3 supports Flex 4 (Gumbo)

Posted on August 3, 2008

ThunderBolt AS3 version 2.0 is out now! ThunderBolt AS3 is a lightweight logger extension for logging any ActionScript 3.0 projects based on Flex 2-4, AIR or Flash 9-10 using Firebug or the new ThunderBolt AS3 Console.

After a public beta phase of two months and about 500-1.000 beta testers (1.240 downloads) the doors are open for the new release 2.0. Thanks to all the participants!

One of the new features is the support and Flex 4 (Gumbo). Check out the following example. Note: Flash Player 10 beta will be required.


To see this content latest Flash Player Plugin is required.


  1. For using Flex 4 SDK beta and Flex Builder 3 follow the instructions published by Peter deHaan (
  2. Grab ThunderBoltAS3_Gumbo.swc for using ThunderBolt AS3 within your Gumbo project. You will find the SWC within, which is available at Google Code. Add the SWC to your lib folder at your project.
  3. Log your project using ThunderBolt AS3 as usual or as described on its Wiki page at Google Code

Full source

To download full source of the example above just jump to ThunderBolt AS3 download list at Google Code and grab the latest Within this *.zip you will find a folder examples/flex/gumbo.

Happy logging with Gumbo ;-) !

Any feedback?

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