How to setup Flex Builder 3 Eclipse plugin for using Adobe AIR 1.1

Posted on June 17, 2008

Adobe AIR 1.1 is out of the door right now. But it seems that there is no integrated update mechanism for Flex Builder 3 Eclipse Plug-In using the new version of Adobe AIR. Anyway, its pretty easy to setup it manually.

Here a step by step tutorial on OS X:

1) Install the latest Adobe AIR runtime and download the latest Flex 3 SDK version 3.0.2.

2) Create a new subfolder for the new SDK within your Flex Builder Plugin installation called "3.0.2"

3) Unzip the downloaded SDK and copy all its content to the subfolder mentioned above.

4) Open Eclipse and add the new SDK to the list of all installed Flex SDKs:Preferences -> Flex -> Installed Flex SDK -> Add

5) Create a new AIR project as usual: File -> New -> Flex project

6) The following step is very important: Modify within the application descriptor file called [yourAppName]-app.xml the root node named application the version 1.0 to 1.1

7) Don't forget to set the the new SDK for the Flex Compiler settings as well: Project -> Properties -> Flex Compiler -> Flex SDK version -> Flex 3.0.2

8) Run the application: Run -> Run as -> Adobe AIR application

That's all ;-)

P.S.: For all the Flex Builder Pro user out there, who uses automated testing etc.: As Matt Chotin mentioned you have to copy a few needed SWC's form the 3.0 SDK to the new 3.0.2 SDK folder as well. For more information check his article at ADC: "Developing Flex applications for AIR 1.1"


Any feedback?

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