The new ThunderBolt AS3 Console based on Adobe AIR

Posted on June 1, 2008

ThunderBolt AS3 is a lightweight logger extension for Flex or Flash application using Firebug. With its new tool called ThunderBolt AS3 Console, which based on Adobe AIR, it's independent on Firebug. That's incredible helpful for logging AIR applications using ThunderBolt AS3.

Screen shots

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Behind the scenes

For logging without Firebug, ThunderBolt AS3 uses the well-known trace() method in a special manner, which are stored in the flashlog.txt. ThunderBolt AS3 Console reads this file and displays all information using different log views in a same way as Firebug it does.

The architecture behind this AIR application based on Tom Bray's easyMVC concept, which helps to build a well structured application as quick as possible using the MVC pattern.

ThunderBolt AS3 Console uses the following libraries as well:

Full source available

Download the ThunderBolt AS3 Console at Google Code or check out the full source using its repository.

Wiki pages at Google Code

Happy logging! ;-)

Any feedback?

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