Another WebORB for PHP Login Sample using Flex and PureMVC

Posted on August 10, 2007

In my previous article I've published a tutorial about WebORB for PHP using Flex and Caingorm. Today I'll give you a further WebORB for PHP sample which based also on a Login application using PureMVC instead of Cairngorm.

Do you already know PureMVC? It's an awesome lightweight framework written in ActionScript 3 for Flex, AIR or Flash applications based on the classic MVC pattern. I'm falling in love with PureMVC and WebORB for PHP as well... ;-) .


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Download full source

The full source has been moved to the PureMVC manifold project. You can it download including its remoting service here: PureMVC AS3 / Flex / WebORB Demo - Login

Have fun!

Last update (03/23/08)

The full source has been updated using PureMVC v. 2.0.3. Check out the source at the PureMVC manifold project.

Any feedback?

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