WSPatternStyleGenerator for using WSBackgroundPixelSkin

Posted on July 10, 2007

WSPatternStyleGenerator is a Flex based application creating well formatted CSS sheets for using WSBackgroundPixelSkin. The app based on the classic MVC design using the PureMVC Framework 1.4 PureMVC Framework 1.6. For loading images outside of its security sandbox it uses a PHP proxy script created by Abdul Qabiz.

Screen shot

Requirements of external sources

  • File-types: .gif, jpg, .jepg, .png
  • Measures: max. 250px x 250px
  • max. 16 colors


Here you'll find an example of WSPatternStyleGenerator.

Full source (latest update 07/11/07)

Licensed under the Mozilla Public License 1.1.

Have fun ;-)

Update (11/27/07)

Updating using Flex 3 and PureMVC v. 1.6.

Any feedback?

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