Why do Adobe product license agreements suck?

Posted on June 30, 2007

I've been trying to upgrade my Studio 8 package to Creative Suite 3 Web Premium including an upgrade from German to English for three weeks now. After many calls and emails to Adobes customer service I've got an email including a rejection today because I've already changed the platform from Windows to OS X in 2005. Now I have to buy a full version of Creative Suite 3 Web Premium which is about 1.000,- Euro (1.350,- USD) more expensive than the upgrade version if I want to change the language as well. Sorry Adobe, that sucks!

I'm disappointed, because I don't want to change the platform anymore, just the language (German to English). Adobe, where are the official terms on your website for a situation like this based on Macromedia's products? Sorry, but I can't find these...

Is there no way to find a way for a loyal customer like me? Since 2001 I've upgraded Macromedia's products on an almost yearly basis and I've spent a lot of money for these starting with Flash 5 / Dreamweaver 4 upgraded to Studio MX, Studio MX 2004 and finally to Studio 8 including Flex Builder 2 as well.

P.S. Is there an Adobe Product Manager out there who can help me? Feel free to contact me, my customer ID: XXX XXX XXX. Thanks a lot!

Any feedback?

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