5 reasons for building Apollo applications as a Flash Developer

Posted on March 23, 2007

Well, 5 reasons aren't enough ;) and as a Flash Developer you'll need experience with ActionScript 3 and Flex 2, too. However, Apollo Alpha is out of the door and after studying the open book "Apollo for Flex Developers" I've found my personal top 5 reasons for diving into Apollo as a Flash Developer:

Apollo Logo

Personal top 5

  1. Flash / Flex are one of the core technologies of Apollo.
  2. Developing cross-platform web applications using Flash / Flex with possibilities of any desktop application, such as native installation, self update, offline support, Apollos File System API, drag and drop support between Apollo and native applications or operations systems, etc.3. Full featured HTML support within Flash / Flex, because Apollos HTMLControll class uses the open source WebKit engine to retrieve, load and render HTML content. The HTMLControll class inherits the flash.display.DisplayObject class, which you can manipulate HTML content like any other display object with applying filters, using matrix for transformations to scale, rotate or skew. Furthermore it's possible to manipulate the HTML DOM from ActionScript.
  3. Script bridging between Flash and JavaScript without browsers incompatibilities.
  4. Apollo SDK: You can use any tool of your choice (e.g. TextMate) to start developing Apollo applications - for free.

Great, isn't it?

Any feedback?

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