Issue with skinning ComboBox: Highlight border

Posted on March 20, 2007

Today I had an issue with skinning a ComboBox. Within a Flash form a ComboBox should be highlighted with a red border for displaying an error, but I couldn't use ComboBoxes borderStyle property to solve this issue.

It took me several minutes to figure out how to do the simplest of things. I've dug out mx.controls.ComboBox and its super classes detecting a TextInput named text_mc located in mx.controls.ComboBase which draws the border.


First you have to point to text_mc. ComboBox supports this reference with comboBoxInstance.textField. Change its default borderStyle named "dropDown" to "solid" for skinning the border. Then just customise the style called "borderColor":

1 comboBoxInstance.textField.setStyle("borderStyle" , "solid");
2 comboBoxInstance.textField.setStyle("borderColor" , 0xCC0000);


ComboBox with border

Any feedback?

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